Grandstands for the community, by the community

modularena Grandstands for the community

Eco-friendly grandstand for the community, by the community. When it comes to designing grandstands, ModulArena is always looking for solutions that will benefit the local community development and at the same time be eco-friendly. That the main reason ModulArena has opted for an innovative mixed structure design with precast reinforced concrete deck seating on a modular steel supporting structure. ModulArena grandstands are designed so that it optimizes the total quantity of material required. It is the best way to built eco-friendly grandstands that minimize the impact on the environment.

Local fabrication It is also designed so that all Reinforced Concrete items can be precast anywhere near the stadium construction site. In the process, 80% of the total weight of the entire grandstand can be locally fabricated, using locally produced raw materials (Concrete and Steel). (All materials used to fabricate ModulArena grandstands are recyclable).


ModulArena’s objective is to have the local community be part of the project during the construction phase. A grandstand construction project shall contribute to the local community development. ModulArena always emphasizes on local workforce participation in the grandstands construction process. And our objective is to provide job for the local community rather than outside contractors. It starts from the fabrication of the Reinforced concrete items.

Our simplified fabrication process gives the opportunity to the local workforce to actively participate in the project. Later on, for the final assembly of the grandstand, local workforce is also required. ModulArena Grandstands are designed so that the assembly doesn’t require highly skilled workers. It gives job opportunity for people who are willing to learn new skills in the construction field. It means that during the grandstand construction people can acquire new skills. These skills will later benefit the entire community on some other projects.

“Community is something we do together”

Local Community involvment
Transportation reduced by 80% Any materials that can be locally sourced do not require as much transportation to the site. Locally produced materials thus reduce the carbon footprint of the project. ModulArena’s target is to ship from its factory only what can’t be easily fabricated locally. The total volume and weight of equipment to be shipped from our factory to the construction site is therefore reduced by 80%.