plastic grandstand
Modular Grandstand
Stadium Roofing
Flat-Pack - Stadium
Our Modular Stadiums combine
  • A- Pre-engineered Modular grandstands with hot-dipped galvanized steel supporting structure,and Precast Reinforced Concrete decks and stairs.
  • B- Flat-pack Modular buildings for VIP lodges, Clubhouse, changing rooms, toilets and storage.
  • Our products fully comply with International Standards.
  • We offer Design-Build services that are customized to our clients needs.
  • We provide necessary design to complete the project from the client vision.
  • By teaming up with skilled local companies, we are responsible for the installation of the stadium.
Business Competitiveness
  • Thanks to our modular concept of prefabricated stadium, we offer short planning and production times,as well as quick installation and immediate usability.
  • Our innovative Reinforced Concrete decks offer the same comfort as a classic “all concrete” stadium.
  • We always offer cost effective solutions to our clients.
Quality Policies
  • We understand the benefits of well-designed products, manufactured from quality materials under the guidance of an accredited manufacturing process provides the value for money everyone looks for.
  • Our approach is a no compromise attitude. Dscaff Group has implemented and strictly adheres to its accredited ISO 9001:2008 & TS 29001 quality processes.
  • We strive to provide the highest quality products at the best possible value every time.